Read along with Solomon

Y-Dialect texts:

Dog Biscuits (Solomon Ratt: SRO & Syllabics)

There is Harmony Again (Solomon Ratt: SRO & Syllabics)

On the Threshold of a Dream (Solomon Ratt: SRO & Syllabics)

Cree Cultural Teachings (Solomon Ratt: SRO & Syllabics)

Th-Dialect texts:

Little Hospital (Solomon Ratt: SRO)

Buffalo Wings (Solomon Ratt: SRO & Syllabics)

Dog Biscuits  (Solomon Ratt: SRO & Syllabics)

The Old Man and the Wihtiko (Solomon Ratt: SRO & Syllabics)

Undercover Reading (Solomon Ratt: SRO)

Going Home (Solomon Ratt: SRO & Syllabics)

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