A Special Preview of Solomon Ratt’s “Beginner’s Cree”

Solomon Ratt has generously given me permission to share this draft of his newly completed Cree textbook,
mâci-nêhiyawêwin / Beginner’s Cree.”

The book is now in press at Canadian Plains Research Centre Press. Publishing and purchasing details should be available within the next year.

Until then, here’s a pdf for download:

Cree Text 2013 Edition

5 Responses to A Special Preview of Solomon Ratt’s “Beginner’s Cree”

  1. Kevin says:

    Oh no, the page cannot be found. Help somebody.:) Thank you.

  2. Janice Moore says:

    Thank you for allowing me to print this document. He mentions several dialects of Cree that exist in Canada. Please tell me which dialect is being used in Solomon Ratt’s Beginner’s Cree document.

    • Arden Ogg says:

      Although Solomon is a Native speaker of the th-dialect, he has been teaching the y-dialect for decades. According to its introduction, this text book is in the y-dialect.

  3. Kathleen Westergaard says:

    Thank you for sharing this Solomon. I will be working my way through the text.

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