For language learners

One of the best things about being connected with so many gifted speakers, teachers and linguists, is knowing about all the wonderful resources they produce for the use of other speakers, teachers and linguists!

Thank you to Ken Paupanekis for allowing us to post the audio files that correspond to the Intro and Advanced Cree language classes that he teaches in the n-dialect (Swampy or Mushkegowak Cree) in Manitoba. His audio files can be found under the heading “Listen to Spoken Cree”.

Thank you to Solomon Ratt of First Nations University for sharing the draft of his new Cree text book, and for audio files to support reading in SRO.

Thank you to Jeffrey Muehlbauer, a.k.a. “That Môniyâw Linguist” for sharing the teaching materials he uses, working in Alberta and in Manitoba.

2 Responses to For language learners

  1. Sally Venne says:

    looking forward to spelling correctly in SRO

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