Away in a Manger

(from Dolores Sand’s CD, manitowi-kîsikâw)

nama kīkway nipēwinis mostosokamikohk
apisci manitow-awāsis aspin ē-pimisihk
acahkosak kihkayāsowak
manitow-awāsis ē-na-nipāt

mostoswak ē-kitocik, awāsis pēkomikiw
māka manitow-awāsis namoya mātow
kisākihitin manitow-awāsis
osāpamin kihci-kīsikohk ohci

pē-wīcēwin manitow-awāsis
kisāsin kākikē ēkwa sākihin
sawēyimik kahkiyaw awāsisak
ēkwa wawēyihinān ka-wīcāyāmitahk

2 Responses to Away in a Manger

  1. hanna bear says:

    I would to find a cd og cree songs

    • Arden Ogg says:

      Hi there! Dolores Sand tells me that her CDs are available online through iTunes. She is also organizing the SICC “Language Keepers” Conference in Saskatoon this week at the Saskatoon Inn, and copies of her CDs will be available for sale there (if you’re in the neighbourhood!).

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