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Astronomy via Wilfred Buck – and other Cree Astronomy Links

“Every culture in the Northern Hemisphere went outside at night and saw the same stars.” Hope I’m lucky enough to catch Rosanna Deerchild this week on CBC Radio’s  Unreserved to hear more from Wilfred Buck about Cree astronomy. The show airs … Continue reading

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Video Lesson – Animacy and Transitive Verbs

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Chapter One Making Introductions – Two Dialogues and Vocabulary from Solomon Ratt

Solomon Ratt: Making Introductions, Dialogue 1: A: tânisi. A: Hello, how are you. B: namôya nânitaw. kiya mâka. B: Fine. How about you? A: pêyakwan. Solomon nitisiyihkâson. kiya mâka, tânisi kitisiyihkâson ? A: The same. My name is Solomon. How about … Continue reading

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A little Cree thinking about Math from Delvin Kanewiyakiho

Some basic practical math concepts, and basic vocabulary – a video from Delvin Kanewiyakiho created for the “Math people at the Catholic School Board office in Saskatoon.” Some vocabulary from this video (in SRO, cited from the Wolvengrey Dictionary): akihcikêwin ᐊᑭᐦᒋᑫᐃᐧᐣ NI counting (CW) ê-akihcikêt … Continue reading

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Some Minimal Pairs from Solomon Ratt – With Audio

This great collection of minimal pairs from Solomon Ratt brings together words in Cree that differ by only one sound, some of which are commonly confused. Minimal pairs allow us to confirm for ourselves which sounds can change the meaning … Continue reading

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Cree kinship terms from Chelsea Vowel

Re-blogged with thanks to Chelsea Vowel from (October 24, 2011).   Note that the website that hosted the “Cree Family Unit” that Chelsea mentions is no longer available on the web as of August 2013, so  links to that site have … Continue reading

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Cree language facts for editors of English and French: Gender

A second piece from Dorothy Thunder and me for the Editors’ Association of Canada and the “Language Portal of Canada” — the federal government’s online information site for language professionals. This one introduces the idea of Gender in Plains Cree. … Continue reading

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