tāpitaw ta-kī-kakwē-miyo-kwayaskohtēyan / Walk in Balance and Beauty


Honor the sacred. Honor the Earth, our mother. Honor the Elders. Honor all with whom we share the earth: four leggeds, two-leggeds, winged ones, swimmers, crawlers, plant and rock people. Walk in balance and beauty.

Gorgeous collaboration of photo and audio from Solomon Ratt, translation into Cree by Arok Wolvengrey, and expert vocabulary provided by Jean Okimāsis.

About Arden Ogg

Arden Ogg is Director of the Cree Literacy Network, a not-for-profit in its seventh year of gathering and curating Cree language literacy materials on the web and creating connections between students, teachers, speakers and linguists across the Cree dialect-and-language continuum.
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