Fort Rouge 1738 – from La Compagnie de La Vérendrye

Fort Rouge 1738Click the links below to watch this beautiful little video production that recreates dialog in French and Cree from the journals of La Vérendrye. Cree Chief played by Ken Paupanekis, guide by Robert Falcon-Ouellette. There are two subtitled versions. Listen to the Cree! Spoken French and Cree (with English subtitles)
Spoken French and Cree (with French subtitles for the Cree)

About Arden Ogg

Arden Ogg is Director of the Cree Literacy Network, a not-for-profit in its seventh year of gathering and curating Cree language literacy materials on the web and creating connections between students, teachers, speakers and linguists across the Cree dialect-and-language continuum.
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