Cree language facts for editors of English and French: Standard Spelling

This article is about how SRO and Syllabics can be precisely equivalent in writing Cree. It is the third piece Dorothy Thunder and I have published through the Editors’ Association of Canada and the “Language Portal of Canada” — the federal government’s online information site for language professionals.

Through the Language Portal, we reach out (in English and in French) to “word nerds” of all varieties and offer them a taste of what it’s like to work with Cree. We hope these pieces are also helpful to students, teachers and speakers of Cree, showing the language through a slightly different lens.

Cree language facts for editors of English and French: Standard Spelling.

La langue crie démystifiée pour les réviseurs français et anglais : l’orthographe normalisée.

Previous Language Portal pieces

October 2013: Cree Gender

June 2013: The Cree Language Family

About Arden Ogg

Arden Ogg is Director of the Cree Literacy Network, a not-for-profit in its seventh year of gathering and curating Cree language literacy materials on the web and creating connections between students, teachers, speakers and linguists across the Cree dialect-and-language continuum.
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