Cree Christmas Present

With Christmas approaching, Dolores Sand has put me to work making her collection of Christmas Carols available here at the Cree Literacy Network. I’ll be adding them a few at a time to the “pages” menu of the website, under the heading “Christmas in Cree“. I’m also trying to collect an appropriate image to accompany each one. This morning’s addition is Silent Night, accompanied by Aaron Paquette’s beautiful “Mother and Child“.
Thanks to Dolores Sand and Aaron Paquette for these early Christmas Presents — to be stored here online for Christmases Yet to Come.

Aaron Paquette

With thanks to Aaron Paquette for his generous permission.

(from Dolores Sand’s CD, manitowi-kîsikâw)

kāmwāci tipiskāw, kihci-tipiskāw
kāmwātan, wāsēyāw
Mary mīna manitow awāsis
awāsis ē-kiyāmēwisit
wētinahk na-nipāw

kāmwāci tipiskāw, kihci-tipiskāw
anōhc nihtāwikiw

kāmwāci tipiskāw, kihci-tipiskāw
miyinān miyotēhēwin
mina kita-sākihitāhk
anohc ē-nihtāwikit

About Arden Ogg

Arden Ogg is Director of the Cree Literacy Network, a not-for-profit in its seventh year of gathering and curating Cree language literacy materials on the web and creating connections between students, teachers, speakers and linguists across the Cree dialect-and-language continuum.
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One Response to Cree Christmas Present

  1. Brenda Ahenakew says:

    Excellent! miyowásin

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